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For 580+ Marks in GS + Essay by reading 438 Pages

Details regarding Acads CSE Mains Course 2021


Number of Seats: 47

Course Fee: INR 49,999. (INR 43,999  for CPC21 Plus Subscribers, 46,999 for CPC21 Subscribers]


 What it Includes:

  • Essay + GS Papers

  • 100 Hours of Interactive Classes

  • Mnemonics and Memory tricks for 80% of the syllabus

  • Compact Notes of 400 Pages for GS 1-4

  • Ultra Compact Notes of 36 Pages for Final revision before the exam

  • Value Addition Material

  • 18 Mains Tests

  • And Much More….



1. Pre-registration opens on Feb 16, 8 PM. The Amount for pre-registration is 4999.


2. Entrance test will be conducted on March 10. Study material will be provided for the test. Test will judge candidate on the basis of Creativity and Analytical approach


3. Based on the test 47 candidates will be allowed to join the course. For the learners who failed to secure a seat even after attempting the test, full amount will be refunded

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