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What NOT to do upon the release of RBI Grade B notification?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Acads is know for 3 things in IAS, RBI, JEE and CAT aspirants community. First, for being the pioneers in using technology, AI and smart studying techniques for exam preparation. Second, for having the best team with experience of all possible exams (Under 30 JEE AIR, 99.9 CAT, Under 15 GATE, IAS, IFS etc). Third and the most important, for providing the most compact and to the point notes for any exam.

Driven by first and second points, It's the third point that forms the core of the Acads Philosophy. Respecting the same, we'll keep this article short and to the point.


What we know so far?

  • RBI might release notification anytime soon. Unlike others, we have not been claiming release of notification since Oct/Nov. This is the first time from our end.

  • Phase 1 is expected in March

  • Phase 2 in April


Coming to the point! What Not to do after release of Notification?

  • Do not follow the reference books given in notification. With the release of notification aspirants have a tendency to get over excited and start with the booklist given in notification. We strongly advise you to NOT DO THAT. Do not follow the below books

  • Do not study more than 100 pages for GA. GA has highest weightage in Phase 1. However, the secret of acing GA lies in keeping your content to minimum. RBI has a pattern of asking questions from certain domains. Go through these questions and prepare accordingly. Whatever happens, Do not study more than 100 pages for GA. You won’t be able to reproduce in the exam. Acads Last year GA capsule consists of 55 pages and more than 60 out of 80 questions were from the capsule.

  • Do not ignore QRE - Quant, Reasoning and English. Together they contribute 120 marks. Practice 8-10 tests for QRE

  • Do not think of Phase 1 and Phase 2 as separate exams. Have an integrated and holistic strategy ready. Most importantly, Keep you 10 day revision strategy ready for Phase II. Have 100-150 pages notes ready for revision

  • Do not go for Rote learning in Phase I/II. RBI Phase I GA involves CA of 5-6 months i.e. 180 days. If you assume 10-12 news per day, it comes to around 2500 memory items. Scientific studies have shown internalisation of such a huge quantity of content requires smart memorization techniques like mnemonics, Chunking, Imagery and association etc.

  • Do not be so hard on yourself. If you follow rote memorization, you are bound to forget facts. It's not you, It's them ;)


Some Do's

  • Always remember you have only 40 days to prepare

  • Reading itself is not enough. You need to memorize it.

  • Use previous year question papers as source.

  • Keep your sources limited.

  • Pay adequate focus to all topics

To sum it up. Don't rush. Study Smart, Not Hard.

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